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C++ CoreHard Winter 2017 Сonference
February 12, Minsk

The C++ CoreHard Winter 2017 Conf is a conference dedicated to C++ and related hardcore technologies.

The conference is being organized by the CoreHard.by community that unites not only C++ engineers, but also those who are interested in low-level development in C and Assembler, programming of controllers, Internet of Things, highload server solutions and in any kind of “hardcore” development.

Participation in the conference is free thanks to our partners.




  • Corehard.by
  • DPI Solutions
  • EPAM
  • SolarWinds


  • DPI Solutions
  • Awem Games
  • SolarWinds
  • EPAM
  • Klika Tech
  • JetBrains
  • C++ User Group Russia
  • PVS-Studio
  • eventspace.by

Community partners


    • dev.by
    • Imaguru
    • IBA Institute
    • comaqa.by
    • itstep.by
    • gamedev.by
    • javaday.by
    • conf.cocoaheads.by/
    • ITVDN
    • HotWork